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Who are you really?

A journey to self discovery is long or short. Hard or easy. Bothersome or fulfilling.

It’s all perspective.

A journey to discovering who you really are, can be about shedding everything you have been.

Sounds a tad strange doesn’t it – let go of all of your experiences so you can figure out who you are.

I mean surely your experiences make you who you are…?

I used to think that, and to an extent I still do.

My knowledge and skills have been accumulated through my lifetime, and I remember things in various activities and when I learned them. Often I wonder why I have some of the random and what seems useless knowledge I do – and why I seem to retain/recollect it better than things I really want to.

Anyway, along my time of accumulating all this knowledge and all these skills I’ve also had many emotional moments – happy, sad, joyous, painful, profound, confusing, make me want to live life, and make me wonder what’s the point.

All the positive ones have been useful in guiding me towards what I want from and in life, and created positive deep synapses as I accumulated more of these experiences.

The negative or stressful emotions however, have not necessarily guided me away from what I don’t want. Instead they also accumulated…creating baggage. Which has a couple of effects – physical manifestation of emotion as illness, and sabotage of new desired experiences.

Physical manifestation of emotion as illness

Negative or stressful emotional states effect us on a cellular level. Disrupting healthy cell function leading a host of potential dis-ease and conditions.

We store these stressful emotional states in our bodies – in our organs.

Imagine for a moment how many stressful situations you may go through to the age of 30 – cuts, bruises and broken bones, broken relationships, loss of friends or family members, exams, failing exams, bullying, not getting a job, applying for a home loan, having kids, getting mad at kids…and so many more.

This is all emotional energy you store in your physiology.

Sabotage of new desired experiences

The “sabotage” of new experiences happens through programming.

Through the development years of 0-8, much information is taken in from the environment and much of that information becomes our subconscious programming – or beliefs systems. Much of that programming can be working in opposition to where you want to go consciously, ever self sabotaged your day with procrastination?? There’s one or more subconscious programmes doing that for you.

I’ve found, through my personal work, that many limiting subconscious programs (so much good stuff too 😉 ). This is much the same with clients I work with.

All too often I hear, I’m no good with numbers, I hate admin, I’m not a “salesy” person, social media is scary…you get my drift. So many small business owner will go out and learn the skills of these tasks but actually performing them or being able to do them well is a whole other story.

It’ll either take days, weeks, months and even years of practice… consciously convincing yourself to do something. Or it can take moments after creating a subconscious change and removing whatever the stress is around that task. I like to think that this “power-ups” the skills you’ve learned.

I’m a prime example, I hated “cold-calling”, heck I even hated setting up the cold-call after a new connection was made. After shifting beliefs around sales, marketing, and most importantly my worth and the value of my service, having “cold-call” conversations became much easier, comfortable and natural. I was able to let go of the pressure and stress I was putting on myself and be present with a new lead.

That’s a business example, but this applies in all aspects of life… beliefs around being great friend, being in a healthy relationship, having a home, being allowed to have time, parenting, teaching, managing, health, exercise… you name it and you’ll have beliefs around it… either supporting or limiting your success in that area of your life.

So I ask the question, who are you really?

Hugs and love,

Bhavna xx

Bhavna Patel