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Success Stories

Here’s what out clients have to say about our work.

Excellent activities – I had a lot of insights. Tools are really practical and easy to implement. Bhavna clearly knows what she is doing with facilitating a workshop like this. Despite the informal nature of it, Bhavna did a wonderful job!

Julie Bebbington

Brand & Marketing Manager, Total Uniform Solutions

Thank you for a great day full of opportunity to grow and change in a safe and empowering space!

Monica Green

Practitioner and Teacher, Joyous Creation

Bhavna is an exceptional Learning & Development professional who, in my role as Director of Business Development & Marketing at Rhodes Business School, have engaged many times as both a WorkshopFacilitator and Instructional Designer. She is personable, reliable, and consultative and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone considering her services.

Sam Russell

Rhodes Business School

If you are thinking about having some coaching done, you absolutely are in the right hands with Bhavna. Here are just some of my thoughts and gratitude to you. Right from the start with my session with Bhavna, she was very friendly, professional and really helped me feel comfortable and relaxed as this was a new experience for me. Bhavna went through the process so I understood what was going to occur and the best thing was that she continued to check with me right throughout the process to ensure I was okay. During the sessions, each time I began to feel a fog clearing from my head, a sense of lightness, happiness and peacefulness and felt very inspired. My results from attending the 3 sessions so far with Bhavna have certainly helped me with a positive outlook on the areas I was wanting to concentrate on and I feel completely abundant, peaceful and in a great place right now. Thank you for all your help beautiful lady, Karen xxx

Karen Woods

Great course, great info, so easily explained and to follow.

Helga Mehandiratta

Zen Shiatsu

I have known Bhavna for over 10 years and worked with her in many capacities. She is an extremely organised and balanced individual who has a true passion for self-improvement and helping others. Bhavna’s continuous self-development enables her to use a variety of practiced coaching techniques to help individual with their professional and personal development.

Sita Parmar

Howdens Joinery

Great Experience!
The personal development support I have received from Bhavna has been nothing short of top notch. From the moment I engaged her I felt like my challenges became her challenges, which she wanted to overcome as much as I did.
There was no sign of a quick conversation followed by a fee structure. Bhavna took the time by asking lots of questions both verbally and in written survey format to get a good understanding of the person I am and of my problem. She then went away and developed a structured program that is completely customised to my needs and is focused on achieving the goals I have. Within that area Bhavna also helped me to pinpoint what my actual goal is, I had a broad idea of what I needed to fix with Bhavna’s knowledge and wisdom the goal was refined and focused to my need.
This is not an off the shelf “one size fits all” service. My program is my program and would not work optimally for you, yours will be yours. The best part of this is that the results flow quickly and the program is updated continually as your development progresses, this naturally leads to you looking to achieve a greater outcome that is also seamlessly integrated into the program. One of Bhavna’s biggest strengths is her understanding of people and how best to support them.
You never feel like you are in the way or imposing, when you are with Bhavna you are her sole focus and you never get the feeling she is watching the clock and wanting to move you on. This is seriously great value for money.
Bhavna does this because she loves it and has the passion for it and the desire to help people make positive change in their lives and businesses. I cannot recommend enough that you should get involved and get the edge on everyone else.

Andrew Grippo

Bhavna is a dedicated professional who managed her team to achieve magnificent and timely results. Her empowering and collaborative leadership style enabled each team member to produce their finest work. Bhavna enabled the team to produce creative and engaging learning materials, meticulously ensured all material developed always matched the needs of the client.

Deb Jones


Bhavna’s insights on where things may not be working in business brought a clear understanding on how it all starts from within. With Dr Joe’s and her techniques, this gave me easy to use, step by step suggestions how to implement them in my own life. From changing the internal process, I can flourish from a new place and be a creator…instead of a reactor. This effects all decisions and creativeness in the business. Thank you Dr Joe and Bhavna

Julieanne Edwards

Managing Director, Varamore

I can commend Bhavna Patel after working on a tight time line project. Her professionalism and expertise in developing a training program for DPTI was exceptional. The attention to detail, and quality of training resources developed and project management of the program is to be applauded. Bhavna was diligent in her approach, implementation and project closure. As a bonus to the project’s experience was her friendly engaging personality. 

Kerri Flanegan


Bhavna is a motivated Manager, inspiring her team and building a positive work culture through her leadership. As Project Manager for the Learning and Development Initiative, she managed a team (myself included), and ensured that the L&D strategy was tailor made for our company needs. Bhavna was involved as a company mentor, set up and monitored the implementation of a new LMS system, and extended her work hours to take on training delivery on weekend. She was dedicated to improving the learning and development of the organization. Bhavna is committed to quality and her passion for improving learning and education within organizations shows in all her projects. I highly recommend her as a mentor, trainer, project manager and competency specialist.

Nikki Fraser


Bhavna is an extremely organised and methodical project manager. I greatly appreciated the autonomy she afforded me, to enable development of technical training materials; however Bhavna looked after all other project related tasks. She provided outstanding project management support including organising regular progress meetings, introductions to client subject matter experts, and obtaining technical documentation. Bhavna organised my site induction training, and the travel and accommodation necessary to deliver the training. Bhavna also consolidated the printing materials necessary for delivery, and personally organised and assisted in printing and packaging of the delivery materials. I couldn’t have designed, developed and delivered the training, meeting all pre-established milestones, without Bhavna’s valued management, organisation and assistance.

Steve Taylor


Bhavna provided excellent advice when I organised a series of seminars aimed at engaging funders and staff in a range of services. She was easy to work with and her depth of knowledge and experience helped ensure their success.

Colin Trendall

Just a brief message to sincerely thank you for your time recently. You invited me to share with you in really warm & inviting way, allowing me to self critique without over thinking. It would be my pleasure to firmly recommend you to others contemplating booking your individual training services. Intimate, fun, challenging & resourceful.

Mark T

Bhavna possesses a quality to make you feel completely at ease, in which for me was a vulnerable situation. She let me go off on a tangent and ramble on but still managed to really listen and grasp what I was trying to say.
Together we pinpointed how to work towards my goals and Bhavna helped to shift my focus so it no longer looked the impossible!
I have been given the tools to move forward from anything that no longer serves me and to focus on living a more positive life, without feeling any guilt.
I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Step over your pride, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help once and a while and there is NOTHING like peace of mind.

Ashleigh Mitchell