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Working with business leaders to create happy healthy humans

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Welcome to
Stepping Into You

We help innovative business leaders maximise revenue, reduce costs and work fewer hours by creating change at the individual human level through neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, and quantum entanglement based workshops and coaching.

We know that happy healthy humans in business, make good business!

What makes us unique? Everyone does change, WE DO EVOLUTION. Because that’s where the magic happens!

As a leader in your business you have an opportunity to impact and influence the success and happiness of so many people!

The key? Authenticity.

Being an authentic, heart-centred leader.

Being true to who you are, your vision, mission and values, gives permission for those around you to see and step into their potential.

When individuals are at their best internally, and as a leader you create a work environment that continues to support this, teams and your whole business can be at its best as well.

Take our True Leader test to see how well aligned you are to the internal programs of great leaders.

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Transforming leadership and employees into their most productive & authentic selves.

Start with True Leader™

True Leader is NOT about being a leader because you think it’s your right, because you’ve “worked here long enough so you should be.”

True Leader IS about being so authentic and inspiring that other people know and FEEL you are a leader (even when you’re not a senior manager!). Take our test to see how aligned your internal programming is to being a True Leader.

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Change Your Mind…Create New Results

A NeuroChangeSolutions program to help organisations evolve their business using an inside-out approach. This proprietary program is developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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True Leader

In True Leader you will clarify and connect with your personal vision, mission and values and your heart-centre. True Leader will enable you to create subconscious programs to allow you to lead with truth, passion and joy.

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Our Values

Stepping Into You is all about being your most authentic and best self every day. These are the values we live by…

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Be Curious. Have Intrigue and Crave More.

Learn, Grow and Connect. With Mind, Body and Spirit.

Have Heart. Act With Compassion, Integrity & Truth.

Take Initiative and Back Yourself.

Inject Fun and Embrace Your Weird.

Be Adventurous and Inspire Greatness.

Meet Our Leader

Bhavna Patel

Founder and CEO

“My life vision is a world where people live with purpose and happiness, and I have the joy of setting up my business with a vision that allows me to work towards that”.

More about Bhavna

Take a look at what our Happy Healthy Humans have to say.

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Bhavna is an exceptional Learning & Development professional who, in my role as Director of Business Development & Marketing at Rhodes Business School, have engaged many times as both a WorkshopFacilitator and Instructional Designer. She is personable, reliable, and consultative and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone considering her services.

Sam Russell

Rhodes Business School

Blog Articles

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Authenticity has become a real buzz word in the last few years. So much so that it seems that everyone and everything is claiming to be authentic. But what does it really mean to be authentic. Let's start by looking at some definitions. Defining authentic and...

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People Analytics for Business Optimisation and Growth

People Analytics for Business Optimisation and Growth

Rubbish in, rubbish out. We've all likely heard this in the world of data and systems. Rubbish data is much worse than no data. In my role HR Director at The Palladium Group, I pressed upon value of data, and even more quality data. Much to many of my colleagues...

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Difficult Conversations – Friend or Foe

Difficult Conversations – Friend or Foe

In a recent AHRI networking forum, one of the panelists talked about poor performance being a difficult conversation. This got me thinking...why is it a difficult conversation? My first thought was that we as a business population have created a huge generational...

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Now that have your attention...a quick share on what you can achieve when you meditate and surrender. I fell in love with my whole body a few years ago: scars, podgy bits, stretch marks, knobbly knees, frizzy hair, and I’d become very skinny after a few rounds of my...

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