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What Happens When You Label Conditions

As you know when I was 13 years old I was, after much testing, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Post diagnosis, there was much reading, research, more reading, more research, all to understand this disease. What did this lead me to?

My belief now is that this led me to really embody every part of the the disease. I became intimate with all the symptoms; learned about all the foods that “triggered” a flare up, and “knew” when my body was about to have a flare up.

My dis-ease was given a name, and instead of focusing on being well, I became, what seems now, obsessed with knowing everything about this condition and how it operated and what the current studies and western medicine treatments were.

What happens when you label conditions?

You go to the doctor when you’re experiencing some pain that paracetamol or ibuprofen hasn’t been able to settle. The doctor gives you a diagnosis and prescription to the best of their knowledge and training – “I think you have “this”, so I’m going to prescribe you “that”, take it a few times a day for so many days/weeks”.

You follow instructions, you don’t get better, you get referred for some tests. The diagnostic doctor think it’s this other thing – “I think you should do “blah” (insert drug, surgery). Again, respectfully, to the best of their knowledge and training.

But now you have a name for this condition, so what do you do? You start to manifest the whole condition.

Confession – as I’m writing this blog, I feel incredibly sad for my younger self whose gone through this manifestation. I didn’t know what I know now, and I wish I had because I would have saved myself many many years of pain, exhaustion, frustration, embarrassment, withdrawal from self and others. The realisation of all of this as I’m writing is very upsetting, but the release of energy as I’m practicing forgiveness is wonderful – tears of sadness and joy.

There have been so many placebo and nocebo studies carried with pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures that show just how powerful our minds are in the healing or hurting of our physical bodies.

So what?

I’m in a position of knowledge of how powerful my mind and body truly are. In fact, only last year I was referred to a gut specialist in Brisbane, in order to monitor my condition now that I’m living in Australia, and she’s quite impressed with my mindset as part of my ability to stay well, and I’ve observed changes in my body from purely that – mindset.

Instead of believing that “if you don’t take this drug/have this surgery you will *insert something terrible* (worst case scenario – die)”, you believed “I have this CONDITION in my body, but I know I have the capacity and capability to heal my own body.” What would your current reality look like instead of what it does right now?

What now? 

Think about it…

What dis-ease/condition are you manifesting in it’s entirety with endless researching of your symptoms?

Book on to the Be Well program to create shifts in your mind to start healing your own body.


Bhavna Patel