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Being vulnerable

The word vulnerable has been in my world for a while now.

For me it’s about showing every part of you…revealing all, no holds barred. It’s sharing your amazing and sharing your weaknesses too. It’s about creating a space of trust. It’s about giving permission for others to do the same. It’s about withholding judgement. It’s about support. It’s about embracing and loving all the imperfections. To be be vulnerable in your emotions and abilities is really the indication of true strength.

I’ve certainly had to practice much vulnerability in the last few years, but the amazing revelations that have come as a result completely dissolve any fears I’ve held about being vulnerable.

Between 2012 – 2016 I experienced some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as an adult. (Side note, only SOME). My challenges were in my work, actions of others destroying my self confidence, my abilities, and more importantly having me question my self worth.

To add to this, I had a relationships that broke my heart, so much so it felt literal, and friendships that were challenged and impacted. To top this off I then had an experience with a private education provider that pushed me beyond emotional and mental stress that I was manifesting it physically.

I held myself together, not revealing too much of the pain that I was experiencing. In fact, possibly only 4 people ever saw me cry. To others it was like nothing was different.

It was in 2015, that after doing some energy work with a Reiki Master, I’d opened up. The hurt I felt, sharing of experiences and she was wonderful. Helping me to see some patterns/cycles that were in play, doing healing work with me, at the end of each session leaving me feeling empowered.

In addition to this I started working with new techniques to support me in balancing my past emotional and mental stress and old programming that was far from supporting me in being my best. I also started to open up a little more, and asking for help.

Asking for help was a big deal, being such an independent person, but I do now because I know people around me in my world will support me, because they hold love for me.

The beautiful part of this is that I start to create a community around me. Connecting with many, giving to them as they give to me.

I do and will choose to show my vulnerability, because it releases me to be me.

To close, I ask that you be strong and brave enough to be vulnerable.

Share your stories of your most vulnerable below…set yourself free.

Bhav xx

Bhavna Patel