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Now that I’ve got your attention with what you thought might be some cursing, let’s talk about symbols.

More specifically the use of symbols for healing and meditation is incredibly ancient and spans across many cultures and lands.

Here I’m going to reflect on three core principles that I believe underlie their use.

Focus. Attention. Belief.


Symbols give us something to focus on. Whether you’re drawing them, visualising them or simply looking at them. With something to focus on you can begin to still and quieten them mind.

These are actually results you can achieve beyond symbols, with other single focused activities like knitting, colouring in, drawing, and more recently I found in macrame (once I’d learned the knots I needed to use!). The stillness and calm in these activities is gained from the little thinking required but the need to maintain a steady engagement with the activity. Effectively allowing you to ‘zone out’.


When your attention is on the above focused activities (symbology specific) then it is also on the meaning or the purpose of the symbol – when that meaning is positive then that’s the energy or vibration you’ll be creating, building and drawing into yourself.


Mind over matter is real. When we can believe more for ourselves than what we have our whole being moved towards that. Believing in power of symbology is very much that, the use of symbols creates a state in and around us to helps us heal, meditate, feel positive, energise and so on. And with so many people believing and using the same symbols for the same purpose those symbols gain greater and greater energy and power.

The symbols I’m using at the moment are within my Reiki practice. But through my upbringing I’ve been well connected with Indian symbology (the Om and swastika on its angle key to many practices and ceremonies in Hinduism) and more recently learning more about mudras than I ever knew in through my years gone.

They all hold collective energy and power, and when you believe they will work they most certainly do. I’ve seen it myself when I’ve used Reiki symbols on friends and they’ve had instant physical state changes. The power of my intention with the use of the symbols and all the power and energy that come with them creates changes.


Over to you…

What symbology are you familiar with or do you use for your wellbeing and growth?

Bhavna Patel