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TMP Team Management Profile


The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a research-proven psychometric profiling tool for personal, team and leadership development and offers a framework to build high performing organisations.

The TMP is all about learning, not assessment. The Profile can be used across organisations to improve performance and achieve better business outcomes.

The TMP has been designed specifically for use in the workplace. It takes into account situational leadership theory, which demonstrates that people are different at work than they are at home or in other situations. It is not a general label of personality, but a detailed, work-focused
feedback tool.

The TMP is underpinned by two different models – a model of work and a model of people. This allows us to look at the work context in total – not just the people side and not just the process side, but both.

The result is a holistic description of an individual’s preferred approach to work. It
concretely explores who we are and what we like to do – not a general construct of personality. From here you can easily link the learning back to an individual development Action Plan.

Who is this for?

Leaders, managers and frontline employees


  • Proven framework and model to navigate change, manage projects and build and sustain
    high performance
  • Enhances individual and team productivity Improves organisational communication and collaboration
  • Helps build more resilient organisations
  • Gives insights into how to resolve conflict
  • Provides a complete approach to building and maintaining balanced, high-energy teams

The Team Management Profile is a powerful Self-analysis tool. A mirror that allows groups and individuals to self-assess without threat. It provides a window that encourages people to recognise the value of differences in work preferences and approaches.

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I have known Bhavna for over 10 years and worked with her in many capacities. She is an extremely organised and balanced individual who has a true passion for self-improvement and helping others. Bhavna’s continuous self-development enables her to use a variety of practiced coaching techniques to help individual with their professional and personal development.

Sita Parmar

Howdens Joinery

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