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Now that have your attention…a quick share on what you can achieve when you meditate and surrender.

I fell in love with my whole body a few years ago: scars, podgy bits, stretch marks, knobbly knees, frizzy hair, and I’d become very skinny after a few rounds of my body “purging” (so very skin and bones my friends were worried about me).

I had set up internal programming that:

– I love my body now, and as it changes

– I am my optimal weight to have all the energy I need to be happy and healthy

– (and lots of others)

But I also added, because why not:

– I have perky boobs ?

Not because I didn’t like my boobs, but more so because I wanted that to be my operating program for the rest of my life. Much better than ‘my boobs will get saggy as I get older’ – boob to that!

And I went on with life, still loving my body.

NB. Overall I live a healthy lifestyle…food, exercise (yoga), meditation, good friends and family, plenty of rest and relaxation, and of course natural product care for my skin on the outside.

Fast forward a couple of years

I did a pineal gland meditation, at the end as per instruction lay down and allowed my body to integrate all the wonderful cosmic energy.

There was twitching…a bit of shaking…some longer held muscle contraction (part of my expanding normal).

And then, well…drifted off… 🙂

Not asleep, because the moment it came to end to become aware of my body, I was.

Now, before I share this next part I want to tell you that I have got into the habit of lovingly feeling my body after a meditation (not in a sexual way, but in a very appreciative way).

So, I become aware of my body, and the first thing I do is slightly lift my self up. Only to feel a pang if pain in my boobs. So naturally I grabbed them (that’s the centuries of programming protecting of holding the painful part of your body to protect it or make it feel better)!

Anyway…my response…

[insert mind blown…WTF! Image here]

My boobs had grown…filled out. Got bigger, at least 1/2 a cup size!

My skeptic

Yes, yes, yes! My analytical mind kicked in.

  • You’re probably due your period
  • Maybe you slept funny and they’re sore and swollen
  • Maybe your hands shrunk…DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?!?

So I did what any good scientist would do…rule out the variables.

  • I had a period, but they stayed the same size
  • I had a few more sleeps, there was no more pain and still they remained the same
  • My hands haven’t shrunk – but honestly don’t know how to test that…nothing has become any more challenging to hold or use with my hands – proof enough!
  • Also, some bras don’t fit that definitely used to

And so I was convinced!

Let’s get serious

Okay, that was a lot of boob talk, and you’re mind’s all over the place, thinking:

  • Is that all I have to do to get bigger boobs?
  • I wonder if my wife will give this a try?
  • What a load of bs! (You know who you are…and I still love you!)
  • But that wasn’t the point of it

For me this was a physical body representation of how powerful my mind is. And we often look for the physical manifestation of our efforts…and want this to be so grand and obvious that we don’t notice the little things slowly changing in our lives to align with who we are becoming.

This physical manifestation is something I created years ago, but letting go and being the person that I see in my future NOW, draws that future to me. Every single time I connect and surrender to its magic.

And…this is where meditation comes in, taking time out of your life to create and align yourself to your potential.

Yes there’s lots of other tools, I use others very successfully. But meditation is a committed ritual. A gift you give to yourself every time you do it.

Who cares if your mind wonders! Re-focus, stay with it, and breathe and release the frustration. You didn’t learn how to write overnight, why would this be any different?

Be your best!

Bhavna xx

p.s. if you’re curious about meditation or would love to reap the benefits of meditation to increase the wellness and performance of your team, give me a shout.

Bhavna Patel